10 March 2011

Day Thirty: Cookies

It has been well over a year since I have been able to do any baking, maybe even as long as two years. My oven stopped working and we couldn’t replace it right away. Then, I got sick and didn’t have the strength to stand long enough to do any serious cooking. You don’t realize just how much you count on something until it is no longer available to you. I’ve always loved cooking and never imagined a day would come when I couldn’t do it.

Thankfully, those days are over. Last weekend, the smell of home baked cookies once again drifted through McClendon Villa. There are plans for home-made bread, vegetable lasagnas, quiches, and other baked goodies being planned as I type. I can make birthday cakes again! I can’t wait!

The best part will be in November. This will be a Thanksgiving to remember.

What have you found a true appreciation for due to the loss it?

30. I am thankful for having a working stove once again and for chocolate chip cookies, warm from the oven. What could top that? This: the smiles on the faces of my children as they consume those long awaited cookies.

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