31 May 2013

Braden's Hope

Braden is a little guy that has been fighting cancer for several years now. He was just three years old, a toddler, when diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma. In 2009, he suffered a relapse. The odds were against him as the medical community indicated that people rarely, if ever, survive a relapse of this cancer. Here we are in 2013, and this little fighter is still here. Praise the Lord!

There is so much more to the story. They are a family of fighters. You see, during Braden's battle for life, his mama was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Their story is one of a mama who won't take no for an answer and a little boy who has a life to live and won't let the "c" word stand in his way.

Braden's mama, Deliece, has written a book about their journey thus far, how important the detours of life are, and how, through faith, you can face anything.

Please help to support Braden's Hope by clicking the button at the top of this post or over in the sidebar. Read their story. His mama can tell it better than anybody. Most of all, please pray for healing and restoration for Braden and for his mommy.

Disclosure: One Thousand Gifts will not receive compensation of any sort because of this post. The link above is not an affiliate link. I just want to do all that I can to spread the word for Braden and others like him. Thank you!

27 January 2013

This Blog is Moving

I am merging One Thousand Gifts, Random Thoughts by Suzanne and Heartstrings by Suzanne with my other blog, PS Annie! Please be sure to join us at PS Annie! as that is where all posting will be done from now on.
Thank you!
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21 January 2013

Desperate Plea

My family is in a desperate situation at the moment. First and foremost, we need prayer. The recent hospitalization of my husband has thrown our finances into a downward spiral that appears to have no way up.

In an effort to help meet an immediate need for our children, I am offering for $1 (or whatever you feel led) the first sixty prompts from the 365 prompt book that I have been working on. This, too, got sidetracked while we dealt with health issues, but I am back to working on it.

If you would be interested in purchasing this snippet of "365 Writing Prompts of My Own", please let me know. Please e-mail me at: Suzanne McClendon

Thank you for your consideration and most of all for your prayers!

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06 January 2013

New Years and Daddies

We are six days into the new year and I am still holding onto the last one. My daddy was in that one and now he is gone. He was found dead on 9 December 2012.

My daddy wasn't perfect - none of us are - but he was my daddy. He never let us go hungry or without clothes and shelter. Whatever we needed, he made sure that he had even if it meant working double shifts for weeks on end. He was a good provider. He had not-so-shining moments; there were very upsetting times along the way. However, I knew then, and know now, that my daddy loved me. I am thankful for the daddy that my Heavenly Father gave me.

I am thankful that my daddy is healed. He no longer has to fight for each breath. His heart is healed and arthritis no longer grips him with intense pain. My daddy is now with my Father and I am thankful for all that both have given me over the last forty-seven years.

Though I am deep in depression right now, I know Who holds tomorrow. While He is now holding my daddy, He is also holding me.

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