11 May 2011

Day Seventy-Nine: Sprinkles

Today, I am thankful for the rain! It didn't get much past a sprinkle this afternoon, but that is more rain that we've seen in a very long time in these parts.

One of the older men around here told David that if it didn't rain this week, we would be facing no more rain until around September unless a hurricane came into the Gulf.

Little sprinkles can add up over time. A long, soaking rain is what is needed to save what is left of the crops. Heavenly Father will provide.

Little things mean a lot. These little sprinkles bring hope with them. Hope is always a good thing.

What are the little sprinkles in your life? What brings you hope?

79. I am thankful for rain, corn, and hope, and for the Heavenly Father that cares about the little sprinkles as well as the gully-washers in our lives.

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  1. Hello, I wrote about this post on my blog. Please do come and check it out through this link. The blog hop is part of my discussion thread in the Lady Bloggers forum. :)

  2. @Cher Cabula

    Hi Cher! I'm sorry that I'm just now seeing your comment. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I will visit your post, too. Have a great night!