13 May 2011

Day Eighty: Deep Breath

I do not usually use writing prompts to create posts for this particular blog, but today's Five Minute Friday from The Gypsy Mama works for this particular good news post. Please visit her site to join in the fun.


May 12 is a day of remembering for our family. It was my paternal grandpa's birthday, but it also marks the day that we lost my husband's daddy. The cloudiness of the day matched the feeling in my heart as I remembered these two very important men in my life.

I stepped outside and took a deep breath. I could smell it, the rain that lingered, almost teasing, but wouldn't fully release itself to us and the crops that desperately need it. I had prayed, many had prayed, hoping that it would come at all, and hoping beyond hope that it would come in time to save the corn.

Then, I felt it, that drop, wondering if it could truly be. I took a deep breath and waited. More came, cool little faith-growers against my skin, and then more. The sky was angry, but my heart was happy. He heard our prayers. I knew that He would.

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