16 May 2011

Day Eighty-Two: Comforting Songs

Have you ever had a song take you back to a time when you felt safe, like no matter what happens, someone is there for you and you're going to be OK? The song "The Old Rugged Cross" does that for me. He died for me; He remembers me; He is there for me.

No matter how good or how bad things get, He is there for me.

I have another post about it at my blog P.S. Annie!

82. I am thankful for what Christ did for me. I wish that He had not had to endure such torment, but He did and He did it for me. I am blessed to be loved by One so much that He would give His life for me, dirty and stained as I am. I may never meet the approval of people on earth, and that is OK. Jesus loves me and I love Him and in the end, love is what matters. He died for me to save me. I am thankful and blessed.

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