19 April 2011

Day Sixty-Six: Empty Crowds

Sometimes I can be in the middle of a crowd and feel totally alone simply because you’re not there with me. They tell me that you’re here in spirit, that you’ll always be a part of me, that you’re in them. I know that I am because you were…I want it to be “are”, not “were”. You’re there and I’m here and I can’t see you and I can’t hug you and can you really see me? Are you really watching over, or did the veil close behind you when you crossed over to Heaven? Do the holes in the floor, the ones the angels’ tears fall through, allow you to see the tears that I’m crying? Do you see me when I laugh? Did you see when she was born, the one that carries your name and came from that same mold, with a little bit of another mixed in for attitude?

The whole world seems empty because you’re not here.

But, you’re there and someday I will be there and you can be “are” again and “me” will once again be “we”.

66. I am thankful for soon-to-be tomorrows, are, and we. I am thankful for you and for being me because of you, for her because of you. I am thankful for love that continues even in the emptiness of the crowd.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

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