20 April 2011

Day Sixty-Seven: Brown Suede Shoes

Have you ever had something that was so comfortable and fit you just right, better than anything else had ever fit before? The older it got, the more raggedy it looked, but the more you loved it and held on to it? And, after it was broken in absolutely perfectly, having become one with you, body and soul like a second skin, you could no longer patch it or stitch it back together, you had to let it go?

What was it or who was it? How did you deal with it? Were you able to let go or does it still have you?

67. I am thankful for brown suede shoes, strong thread, and the person who gave them to me. I am thankful for years spent driving and for the Life Boat’s faithful service. I am thankful for second chances, hand-me-downs, and hand-me-ups. I am thankful for you and for You.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

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