22 March 2011

Day Forty-Two: Rear View Mirror Crashes

“If you’re always looking back, you can’t move forward. You’ll crash every time.” This was told to me by an elderly family member years ago.

This was brought to mind again by a post that I saw on ArtMuse Dog’s blog this morning:

“If you are going to get by in life, you're going to have to learn to give up the dead.” (Deaver, The Bone Collector , p.156).

On one level, I disagree with this line of thinking because I think that we learn much by considering and remembering the past. It is important to remember. Like the old saying goes: "Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." (Burke, 1729-1797, Statesman)

I do, however, agree with the point that both were, and are, trying to make. We cannot let the past trap us in the past. We cannot get glued to the idea of “this is the way things have always been, so this is how it will always be”. That does not allow room for change or growth in others or in ourselves. We need to take the knowledge that the past has to offer and then let it go to be what it is meant to be – a memory, a lesson learned.

What in your past are you holding onto, to the point that you are being held back or are holding back? What do you need to let go so that it will let go of you?

42. I am thankful for the lessons that my family history has taught me, both how to be and, maybe more importantly, how not to be. My ancestors were not perfect; no one is. But their blood is running through my veins. Without them, I would not be. I thank them for giving me life on this earth and I thank my Heavenly Father for granting me life eternal.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

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  1. Wise words, Sis. I especially love "What do you need to let go so that it will let go of you?". That one statement is worth hours of contemplation.

    Thank you for being willing to keep putting your thoughts out here for us all to read.


  2. Thank you, Sis. It is one that I spend a lot of time contemplating myself. I know that I need to let go of many things, and I'm working on it. Some of those things have a pretty good grip on me, though.

    I plan to be here for the long-haul this time, 1000 days and beyond. Thank you so much for your encouragement and for your response. :)

    Love, Your sis in Christ,