22 February 2011

Day Fourteen: The Moon

Have you ever really looked at the moon? Not just a fleeting glance, but really looking? It is amazing how one night it can seem so huge that the sky fabric couldn't possibly hold it up there, and yet another night it is just a whisper in the black vastness that reaches out through eternity.

That moon, the very same one that you see today, lit up the night for Adam and Eve, and for the Savior. It bridges the gap of time and distance. He gazed at the same moon, wanting for you what you want for yourself - peace and happiness, security and love.

How awesome is that?!

14. I am thankful for the moon, and for the stars, and for all of the heavenly bodies shining up there as a reminder that there is Someone watching over me, even during the darkest night...especially then.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

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