16 April 2011

Day Sixty-Three: New Starts

I have gotten off track with posting my "thankful gifts" each day. I apologize for that. It isn't that I've stopped being thankful, I am just having trouble putting it into words some days. I will try to be more consistent with the posting.

My husband and I went out this afternoon to start on a new adventure. We're going to document the little towns that make up the county in which we live. There are bigger towns, as in 10-12,000 or so in population, then there are those that are only big enough for a sign with the name on it and nothing else to indicate that anything was ever there.

We're going to photograph the post offices, courthouses and other structures and work on learning the history of this area that we now call home.

I love history and architecture and I think that this is going to be lots of fun! That is my general thought of it, but we came across something a bit upsetting while we were out. We came across the charred remains of a church that we had photographed several years ago. We had not heard that it had burned and were looking specifically for it to take an updated picuture of it. This is one of the saddest parts of documenting an area, realizing all that has been lost to storm, time, and vandals. I am so glad that we took the time to photograph this church before.

Taken 15 May 2009

Taken 16 April 2011

What about your area of residence do you find exciting? Did something of great historic significance happen where you live now? Has anything major happened to change your area since you moved there? Please share!

63. I am thankful for those that see the need for historic preservation and renovation and make it so. I am thankful for parts of history that peek out from the highways and byways, a spot of remembrance in the middle of high-rises and industry.

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