30 April 2011

Day Seventy-Two: MAYbe

The theme for the month of May at NaBloPoMo is "Maybe". I think it is a fitting thing for many reasons, aside from the obvious.

Maybe this is the month that I will finally break free from something that has me in bondage. Some say it is a choice to feel the way that I do, but it isn't. It just is. There's no deciding "oh, I don't feel that way", because I do. It is just something that I have to find logic in and work my way through it. Maybe May will be the month that happens. MAYbe.

Maybe it will be the month that my body realizes the surgery was done seven months ago and to just get on with it already.

Maybe it will be the month that we are able to let go of a less-than-desirable contract because others come in to make up the difference financially.

Maybe it will be the month that our blogs begin running more smoothly and make a difference to someone out there in some way.

So many "maybes". But, there is one thing that isn't a "maybe" and that is His love for us. He will carry us through all of the "maybes" and "not going to happens" as well as the "YES!" times.

72. I am thankful for the maybes, because they offer hope of change in a positive direction and show that I haven't given up. I am thankful for the healing coming, in health and in heart. I am thankful for this day.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

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