07 April 2011

Day Fifty-Seven: Praying and Thanking

Sometimes it takes witnessing the struggle of another to put our own troubles into the proper perspective. That happened for me today. Several things are going on that have gotten me down the last few days, feeling very Eeyore-ish to the point that my baby child has noticed…there has just been a lot on my mind.

There is a young man, probably near the age of my oldest son, early-to-mid 20s, down in Bay City, Texas that is very much in need tonight. He is struggling in ways that many of us will never experience. Please pray for him, for all of his needs to be met, those for the here-and-now, as well as those on a deeper level. Please also pray for his parents, wherever they are, and for that which has them apart to be mended.

57. I am thankful that my children are clothed and fed and not out in the night with no safe place to sleep. I am thankful that any challenges that come their way, we are facing together. I am thankful that they love us and that they know we love them. I am thankful for a Father that works on us even when we do not realize that is what is happening.

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

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  1. I understand that prayer! Praying, too! You know where it says that a Barren's woman house is full? To me that means tha someone is Spiritually Mother someone else's child, standing in the gap for them, either in unison with a child's parent, or for parents who either will not or cannot. I realize that at some point in my son's lives, there will be other voices, sent from God, who will reach then when I am unable.

    Your post is so much this!

  2. Thank you for those prayers. I appreciate it on behalf of that boy and his family very much.

    What you've said here about standing in the gap was on my mind when we met this boy. I remembered a line from Gone With the Wind, when Melanie was feeding the soldiers and thinking about her husband and another woman taking care of him when she couldn't.

    It made me think of our son that is in the Navy, who knows where at the moment, and hoping that if he is in need, that there is someone there to help him, too.

    It was a very emotional experience. For all of our children, yours, mine, all of them, I pray that someone will be there for them if ever we can't be.