05 April 2011

Day Fifty-Five: Happy, Busy, and Backward-walking

This past weekend was a blur. There is building interest in a joint project between my husband and myself. This project is one of many stepping stones to reach the goals that we have made for our family.

While there are many good points about this project, it is not without its share of problems. One dealer refused the services ordered by the parent company, demanding that we leave. This means that he failed and the parent company may terminate their association. We could have helped prevent this and possibly improved things for his business.

On another dealer’s property, my macro lens fell out of the camera bag and went bouncing onto the asphalt parking lot, wedging the lens cap into the lens and generally nicking and scratching it up. Upon initial examination, I would say the lens is a lost cause. It will be tested further to determine this. It will be awhile before I can replace a lens, so my macro world will be on hold if the lens is indeed a goner.

In what areas of your life do you see great things being achieved, only to be knocked backwards again, two steps forward and three steps back? What do you do to regain forward momentum?

55. I am thankful for the three dealers that did allow us to do what we needed to do to help them make improvements in their businesses. I am thankful that it was only a lens that fell from my bag and not the camera. I do have other lenses, so my photography itself is not put on hold due to this misfortune. Most of all, I am thankful for the opportunity of more time with my husband that these projects allow. We will reach our destination and we will reach it together.

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