24 March 2011

Day Forty-Four: Thankful vs. Happy

Have you ever had someone hurt you or betray you to the point that you wished something bad would happen to them? That you rejoiced whenever they got their come-uppance?

I have been there, done that, and have the T-shirt with the great bit “GUILTY” stamped all over it. When the bad happened to the first hurter that I wished it on, I was in shock that it had come to pass. I was just dumfounded. I felt horrible for ever wishing it on anyone and set out to never feel that way again, no matter how much I was hurt or betrayed.

I am there again.

Someone hurt me deeply and I have learned that what they had coming has come. The very human side of me wants to dance the jig out of total “HA” happy over it. The ‘me’ that existed after the above scenario says, “no, you shouldn’t feel that way”.

Ok, I know that joy should not be what I am feeling but, if we are to be thankful in all things, both good and bad, is it wrong for me to be thankful that they are reaping what they have sown?

How do you handle having feelings that you know are wrong? What do you do to get your feelings back in line with what you know to be right?

44. I am thankful for a Father of second chances. I am thankful for a conscience to guide me, even though sometimes I am unsure of just where I am being guided or maybe I do not like where it is taking me. I am thankful for new friends and for the old, those that were my human shields while in it and those that are helping me over it. I thank Him for continued healing and restoration of my heart and home.

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